StarMark Clicker Dog Training
Ever wonder how train your dog easily to follow commands? Well if you haven’t heard of it yet, there’s a training method called clicker training. This method uses a simple clicking device to train your dog to link good things to the sound of clicking. Clicker training is easy to teach and it helps you and your dog work as a team better, because you wont be needing to learn to snap your fingers or shout to him or her.

The easiest way to start the clicker training is by simply keeping the clicker behind your back where the dog cant see it and giving him or her treats. Every time he or she gets a treat you click the clicker. After a while the dog will link the click in to getting treats.

Now that your dog understands that clicking means treats and meaning something  good, you can start training him or her more.

Clickers can easily be used for almost any kind of training from basic, sit, roll, lay down to even more complex commands like going through your legs.

To find out more on how to train your dog to respond positively to clickers, you can watch this video from Victoria Stilwell.

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