Blueberry Pet Better Basic Dog Collar, 4 Colors, Matching Leash & Harness Available Separately


Neck 7.5″-10″, Width 3/8″,Size X-Small; The collar does not stretch itself, please make sure leave only 2 fingers between collar and dog neck.
This collar is specifically designed with an iron O-ring structure to distribute the force used in pulling onto the O-ring and the webbing of the collar. When comparing with regular D-ring collar, O-ring comes in a bigger size for this purpose, which results in a higher level of security. When clipping the buckle, please make sure that you have one end of the buckle all the way through the O-ring. O-ring is made for the purpose of attaching leash, charms, tags, pendants or accessories.
Made of high density polyester, which imparts softness and durability to the product. Those buckles are made from ecofriendly plastic