Love Hamster Wheel | Quiet 5.5 | 6.7 | 8.3 Inches Hamster Gerbil Rat Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel | Durable Thick PP Disc and Stable Stand with Removable Shaft Comes In Blue or Yellow


— Effective and Comfy Hamster Exercise Wheel! — Love Hamster Wheel (TM) is a perfect toy item for your little hamster! The wheel’s solid surface increases friction and prevent your hamster from slipping.
— Quiet, Non-Slip, and Stable Wheel Base — Designed brilliantly for silent spinner noise and excellent running stability to ensure hamster’s tail and feet safety! Encourage good exercise for a healthier hamster!
— Thick Disc with Ideal Size — This hamster wheel is ideal for any hamster, gerbil, mouse, chinchilla and other small animal. The hamster wheel can be attached to wire cage!

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