Top 5 Best dog breeds

Looking for the perfect dog breed is not always easy and it is a big decision. You might be wondering things like, do I want the dog to be easy to train or do I want a dog I can take for long walks or maybe I just want a dog that works well with my family and isn’t scared of children and gets well with other people and dogs

To make this process a bit easier we decided to make this easy list of top 5 best dog breeds that are suited for most families and life situations, so you can find the best friend you have always been looking for. All of the selected dog breeds are generally talented, healthy and well-liked by owners.

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5. Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel is a breed of gun dog. The English Cocker Spaniel is an active, good-natured, sporting dog that fits well for families and active people. On top of being good-natured and sporting, they are intelligent and alert. The most common colors found on the Cocker spaniel are black, black and tan, brown and white.

  • Average life expetancy – 14 years
  • Max weight – 27 pounds / 12kg
  • Max height – 16 inches / 40 cm

4. Rat terrier

The Rat Terrier is an active family dog which requires a lot of exercise and stimulation to stay healthy. Their background comes from farms where they were used as a hunting companion. The Rat Terriers are not as aggressive as Jack Russells but they do have a strong personality and are terriers in the full meaning of that word. On top of hunting, playing and running they love the cuddle and just lounge on the sofa or lap. The perfect dog for active people and families looking for an intelligent and active dog.

  • Average life expectancy – 19 years
  • Max weight – 40 pounds / 18 kg
  • Max height – 19 inches / 48 cm

3. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a large breed usually used as a gundog and a retriever. It is most commonly known for its “golden” coat, which is double layered and provides good protection against all kind of weather. Golden Retrievers are intelligent dogs and require training and exercise to stay healthy. They are well suited for families, but also work well for seeing-eye dogs, hearing dogs, search and rescue, hunting and an affectionate or even for an extroverted family companion.

  • Average life expectancy – 12 years
  • Max weight – 75 pounds / 34 kg
  • Max height – 24 inches / 60 cm

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherd is commonly known as the “police” or “military” breed in the world. The German Shepherd is an athletic and intelligent dog that requires to be well trained to work well with families. It is very protective and versatile on its nature, but since it is a large dog it will need a sturdy owner and as stated already it requires to be very well trained. The breed works best with people who are ready to put their time on training, but the dog will return this training with passion and eager to learn and listen.

  • Average life expectancy – 11 years
  • Max weight – 95 pounds / 43 kg
  • Max height – 26 inches / 66 cm

1. Labrador Retriever


The Labrador Retriever is one of the many breeds of the retriever type dog breeds. They are extremely loyal, intelligent and one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They have a strong hunting instinct which means they require some work on the training side. Overall the Labradors have very kind nature, are obedient and can get along with small children well which makes it the top 1 dog on our list.

  • Average life expectancy – 11 years
  • Max weight – 80 pounds / 36 kg
  • Max height – 25 inches / 63 cm

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