Dog crates, are they good or bad?

A lot of people when thinking of getting a dog wonder, where to keep their pet and they all end up asking themselves the same question eventually: “Is crate a good or a bad thing for my dog?”. Well we thought about this question too and decided to find out if dog crates are good or are they bad.

The Good

Dogs are “den animals” meaning they naturally prefer to sleep in enclosed spaces (please note that this isn’t true in all cases, but generally speaking) and close to their pack. Properly introduced crate is the dogs place where he or she can rest and do his or her own thing with out being bothered by humans or other dogs. Its a place where the dog can relieve itself from all stress, sleep, nap or just hang out. It’s not uncommon for dogs to seek out to their crate when they feel like they need to take a nap or just be alone.

If you’re a new dog owner or planning on getting a dog, it is important that you consider getting a crate. Crates are invaluable, but more than that they are one of those piece of equipment you should not miss out on. Every dog needs a place of its own.

The Bad

The biggest mistake people make is to crate their dogs too much. Dogs aren’t post to be left in a crate from 9 til 5. Crates are supposed to be a dog’s place to relax and stay safe when traveling, but they aren’t a place where you just store your pet. Just think of putting yourself in a box where you can stand up and turn, but nothing else. Doesn’t seem nice, does it. So remember, don’t crate your pet for excessive amount of times.

If a dog is held too long in a crate several problems can arise and your dog can become destructive, hyperactive, anxious or even develop bladder infections for having to “hold it” all day. It is at most important that you do not keep puppies in a crate more than an hour or two at max and for older dogs no more than five hours at max. If possible let them move in and out as they please themselves.

Important things to remember

Common mistakes people make with crates is crating their too long. Puppies should never be in crates more than one or two hours and even older dogs can’t be crated more than few hours a day at max.

The second thing people forget is that crate is not a prison cell. Never punish your dog by placing it in a crate. Crate is meant to be a place that is associated with good stuff. It’s OK to place your dog occasionally to his or her crate, but always make it a good thing.

Wrapping it up

  • Dog crates can be a great tool when used right and a must have piece of equipment for every dog owner.
  • Don’t crate your dog too long. Puppies for one or two hours at max and older dogs five hours at max.
  • A crate is the dogs happy place, so never use it as a punishment.
  • A dog crate is excellent tool to keep your pet out of trouble when traveling or at home.

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