How to teach your dog to sit and stay

Teaching your dog how to sit and stay are the most basic commands you can think of. Thankfully these commands are also the easiest to teach. Before you start training your dog it’s important to make sure he or she is calm and hashes or her focus on you. Best way to do this is to give him or her some treats to ensure the dog is giving you his or her complete focus.

Now that you have the dogs focus you can start teaching him or her.

How to teach your dog to sit

To teach your dog to sit simply say:


You can make the command better by adding hand signals to it. For example, holding a treat in your fist just above the dogs head and moving it over his/her or her head. This forces the dog to watch upwards which makes the dog usually sit down to see and smell the treat. If the dog doesn’t sit you can help it by gently pushing its bottom so the dog understands what you want him or her to do. After a while, it should become easier for the dog to understand what you mean when you say the command. When the dogs start understanding what the command sit means you can start practicing and teaching the hand signal which he or she should already know from the training, but now without saying the command sit it can be a bit tricky to get him or her to sit down.

Remember to praise and give the treat immediately when the dog does what you want so it links the treats to the command.

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How to teach your dog to stay

For a young dog or a puppy staying might be hard because they have a lot of energy and they want to move and play with you all the time. To make it simple again, don’t forget the treats. Usually starting this practice the best way to go is simply commanding  your dog to sit first and then telling them simply to:


While telling them to stay ad a hand signal you would normally do when you tell person to stop meaning flat hand, fingers upwards. This way we can teach the dog the command stay and the hand signal at the same time. The most important part here is to remember to gradually lengthen the distance you have between you and the dog every time you tell him or her to stay. If you start too far or if the dog starts moving towards you when he or she should stay, lower your distance and start all over. Remember that things like these take time even though they seem extremely simple commands to learn.

What to remember when teaching your dog

  • Dogs, especially puppies have limited attention span so take your time and take it slowly.
  • Treats are your best friends and help you to teach faster and more efficiently.
  • Always praise your dog when he or she does what you want him or her to do.
  • Be persistent.

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