Top 5 Cat health tips

Keeping your cat healthy, happy, groomed and well fed is important, but it also makes the cat owners happier to see that their important family member is doing well. To keep your cat healthy we decided to write this post and give you the top 5 cat health tips in neat and easy to follow post.

Remember your cat trusts you to keep him or her happy and healthy.

1. Cat Essentials

The most basic need for cat is food and water, but this is not the only thing your cat needs. Its important to make sure your cat also has litter box and bowls or glasses. Bowls are used for food and glasses for water, because every cat wants to feel elegant. Its also important that you have a carrier for your cat so you can move him or her easily when you need to visit the vet. An ID collar or microchip is important if he or she goes missing so he or she can be identified and returned to your care soon as possible.

Did you know cats can sleep up to twenty hours a day? This doesn’t mean they will be spending all their time sleeping and while they are not sleeping they are usually eating or playing with their toys. Toys are therefor great way to keep your cat in shape and active so he or she doesn’t get bored.

Toy can be a colorful string, toy mouse or even a laser pointer. Just be careful not to point it towards your or your cats eyes.

2. Chowing Down

Food and water for your cat are essentials. Making sure your cat always has fresh and clean water in reach is important. For this reason consider buying a drinking well for your cat.

Water should be places in a different location than the cats food, because cats don’t like to drink where they eat.

On top of fresh and clean water its also a good idea to keep few special dishes of food for your cat. Some might say they only feed dry food for their cat, however some vets are also leaning towards wet food diet these days.

Remember that even cats might overfeed if you put too much food for them, so its important to make sure you give the right amount of food. If you have any questions on what is the correct amount of food your cat should be having on its daily basis, please turn to your vet for help.

3. The Litter Box

As you might have heard, cats are fastidious creatures. They like it clean and odor free when they are going for their business. If their litter box is not cleaned and kept tidy in neat manor, they might start “going” elsewhere and you certainly don’t want this to happen. You should check and clean the litter box every day if possible, but if you prefer it to be automatic, consider buying the PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box. This ways you can be sure your cat’s litter box is always clean.

Remember to change the cat litter weekly by removing the old liter and giving the box a thorough cleaning.

4. Cat Grooming

Cats are very clean creatures and their saliva contains natural deodorants and cleansing properties. This how ever doesn’t mean some help wouldn’t be necessary from time to time. Washing your cat is your own decision, but if you decide to do so, please use special cat shampoo and warm water, to make it as nice experience for the cat as possible.

The best thing you can do to help your cat with grooming is brushing. Brushing helps to remove excess hair which leads to less hairballs for your cat. If your cat has particularly long hair its important to keep the hair tangle free and stop it from forming mats. Remember to brush often, since most cats enjoy it.

5. Vets are your and your cats best friend.

Vets are there to help your cat. Making appointment to a vet is paramount important after purchasing or receiving your new family member, especially if the cat has been spayed or neutered.

Remember to take your cat to a vet once a year so the vet can give your cat its shots and give its “wellness” checkup to make sure your cat has everything fine. Being proactive helps your cat to stay healthy and happy. It also helps you to spot any life threatening or potentially dangerous conditions and increases the life span of your important family member.

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